Commit 80e72377 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Generalize the statement of map.Occ.occ_exchange and realize it in Coq.

parent 5b1b5ef0
......@@ -319,3 +319,51 @@ rewrite <- h0. trivial. omega. omega.
replace (l + x - 1)%Z with (l+(x-1))%Z by ring. assumption.
Lemma occ_single {a:Type} {a_WT:WhyType a} :
forall (m:Z -> a) (i:Z) (x:a),
occ x m i (i + 1) = if why_decidable_eq (m i) x then 1%Z else 0%Z.
intros m i x.
rewrite occ_equation'.
unfold occ, nat_rect.
rewrite Z.sub_diag.
apply Zplus_0_r.
apply Z.lt_succ_diag_r.
Lemma occ_set {a:Type} {a_WT:WhyType a} :
forall (m:Z -> a) (l:Z) (u:Z) (i:Z) (x:a) (y:a),
(l <= i < u)%Z ->
occ y (map.Map.set m i x) l u = (occ y m l u +
(if why_decidable_eq x y then 1 else 0) -
if why_decidable_eq (m i) y then 1 else 0)%Z.
intros m l u i x y H.
rewrite 2!(occ_append _ _ l i u) by omega.
rewrite 2!(occ_append _ _ i (i + 1) u) by omega.
rewrite 2!occ_single.
rewrite (proj1 (Map.set_def _ _ _ _) eq_refl).
rewrite 2!(occ_eq _ (Map.set m i x) m).
intros j H1.
apply Map.set_def.
intros j H1.
apply Map.set_def.
(* Why3 goal *)
Lemma occ_exchange {a:Type} {a_WT:WhyType a} :
forall (m:Z -> a) (l:Z) (u:Z) (i:Z) (j:Z) (x:a) (y:a) (z:a),
((l <= i)%Z /\ (i < u)%Z) -> ((l <= j)%Z /\ (j < u)%Z) -> ~ (i = j) ->
((occ z (map.Map.set (map.Map.set m i x) j y) l u) =
(occ z (map.Map.set (map.Map.set m i y) j x) l u)).
intros m l u i j x y z h1 h2 h3.
rewrite 4!occ_set by assumption.
apply not_eq_sym in h3.
rewrite 2!(proj2 (Map.set_def _ _ _ _) h3).
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ module Occ
lemma occ_exchange :
forall m: map int 'a, l u i j: int, x y z: 'a.
l <= i < j < u ->
l <= i < u -> l <= j < u -> i <> j ->
occ z m[i <- x][j <- y] l u =
occ z m[i <- y][j <- x] l u
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