Minor fix

parent 4f4856a8
......@@ -2092,7 +2092,7 @@ OCAMLCODE = \
DOC = api glossary ide intro exec macros manpages install \
manual starting syntax syntaxref technical version whyml \
itp pvs coq isabelle
itp pvs coq isabelle infer
DOCTEX = $(DOC:%=doc/%.tex)
......@@ -516,7 +516,7 @@ let parse_file file env =
Up to this point we just defined what is required for our tool to
parse and type check a \whyml file. It is now possible to infer loop
invariants. For that we can use the \ocaml module \verb|Infer_ai| that
invariants. For that we can use the Ocaml module \verb|Infer_ai| that
provides the following interface.
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