Commit 6597553f authored by BECKER Benedikt's avatar BECKER Benedikt

Improve printing of sequences

parent 3561f544
......@@ -352,7 +352,14 @@ and pp_expr fmt e = match e.expr_desc with
todo fmt "Eassign"
(** control *)
| Esequence (e1, e2) ->
fprintf fmt "@[<v>%a;@ %a@]" pp_expr e1 pp_expr e2
let rec flatten_sequence e = match e.expr_desc with
| Esequence (e1, e2) ->
e1 :: flatten_sequence e2
| _ -> [e] in
let es = flatten_sequence e in
let pp = pp_print_list ~pp_sep:(pp_sep ";@ ") pp_expr in
fprintf fmt "@[<v 1>(%a)@]" pp es
(* fprintf fmt "@[<v>%a;@ %a@]" pp_expr e1 pp_expr e2 *)
| Eif (e1, e2, e3) ->
pp_if pp_expr fmt e1 e2 e3
| Ewhile (e1, invs, vars, e2) ->
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