Commit 62b46330 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler

ce printing: Add breaking hint in array box. Also refactoring

parent 99bd1126
......@@ -279,11 +279,16 @@ let print_float_human fmt f =
| Float_hexa(s,f) -> fprintf fmt "%s (%g)" s f
let rec print_array_human fmt (arr: model_array) =
fprintf fmt "@[(";
List.iter (fun e ->
fprintf fmt "@[%s =>@ %a,@]" e.arr_index_key print_model_value_human e.arr_index_value)
fprintf fmt "@[others =>@ %a@])@]" print_model_value_human arr.arr_others
let print_key_val fmt arr =
let {arr_index_key = key; arr_index_value = v} = arr in
fprintf fmt "@[%s =>@ %a@]"
key print_model_value_human v in
fprintf fmt
~start:Pp.nothing ~stop:Pp.comma ~sep:Pp.comma print_key_val)
print_key_val {arr_index_key = "others"; arr_index_value=arr.arr_others}
and print_record_human fmt r =
match r with
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