Commit 59716b55 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Add support for hexadecimal and octal literals to C extraction.

parent d6d225e0
......@@ -883,9 +883,17 @@ module MLToC = struct
let e = C.Evar id in
([], expr_or_return env e)
| Mltree.Econst ic ->
let n = ic.Number.il_int in
let e = C.(Econst (Cint (BigInt.to_string n))) in
([], expr_or_return env e)
let open Number in
let n = ic.il_int in
let n =
if n then BigInt.to_string n
match ic.il_kind with
| ILitHex -> Format.asprintf "0x%a" (print_in_base 16 None) n
| ILitOct -> Format.asprintf "0%a" (print_in_base 8 None) n
| _ -> BigInt.to_string n in
let e = C.(Econst (Cint n)) in
([], expr_or_return env e)
| Eapp (rs, el)
when is_struct_constructor info rs
&& query_syntax info.syntax rs.rs_name = None ->
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