Commit 56c7b08e authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Ident: use Sattr.mem

parent 4303c7e3
......@@ -350,14 +350,14 @@ let is_model_trace_attr a =
Strings.has_prefix "model_trace:" a.attr_string
let is_counterexample_attr a =
is_model_trace_attr a || a = model_projected_attr
is_model_trace_attr a || attr_equal a model_projected_attr
let has_a_model_attr id =
Sattr.exists is_counterexample_attr id.id_attrs
let relevant_for_counterexample id =
(Sattr.for_all (fun a -> not (attr_equal a proxy_attr)) id.id_attrs &&
id.id_loc <> None) || (has_a_model_attr id)
(id.id_loc <> None && not (Sattr.mem proxy_attr id.id_attrs))
|| has_a_model_attr id
let remove_model_attrs ~attrs =
Sattr.filter (fun l -> not (is_counterexample_attr l)) attrs
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