updated CHANGES.md for the forthcoming release of new_system

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:x: marks a potential source of incompatibility
x syntax changes for programs; good luck!
* let function / let predicate / val function / val predicate
introduce symbols in both logic and programs
* overloading of program symbols
* no more "self" in type invariants
x new clause "alias" in function contracts
x logical symbols can only be used in ghost code
x no more polymorphic equality in programs
equality functions must be declared/defined on per type basis
(this is already done for type int in the standard library)
x type invariants produce logical axioms
* a type with an invariant must be proved to be inhabited
* local exceptions; break, continue, and return statements
* match with exceptions
* "for" loop on range types (including machine integers from the library)
x no more "loop" statement (use "while true" instead)
* vc:sp switches from traditional WP to Flanagan-Saxe-like VCgen,
on per expression basis
* type coercions in logic
* new extraction to OCaml
* new extraction to C
* .why extension is now deprecated; use .mlw instead
* "theory" now deprecated; use "module" instead
* transformations can now have arguments
* new transformations assert, apply, cut, rewrite, ... à la Coq
* new transformations for reflection-based proofs
* "use" is allowed
* counterexamples
* new IDE
* source is now editable
* CLI to call transformations and provers
* new input format for (a small subset of) Python
* the "why3" Coq tactic is now deprecated
Version 0.88.3, January 11, 2018
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