Commit 02b4c74e authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Update keyword list.

parent 5aa12d33
......@@ -20,12 +20,10 @@
"alias", ALIAS;
"as", AS;
"axiom", AXIOM;
"break", BREAK;
"by", BY;
"clone", CLONE;
"coinductive", COINDUCTIVE;
"constant", CONSTANT;
"continue", CONTINUE;
"else", ELSE;
"end", END;
"epsilon", EPSILON;
......@@ -63,7 +61,9 @@
"assume", ASSUME;
"at", AT;
"begin", BEGIN;
"break", BREAK;
"check", CHECK;
"continue", CONTINUE;
"diverges", DIVERGES;
"do", DO;
"done", DONE;
......@@ -26,20 +26,22 @@
List.iter (fun s -> Hashtbl.add ht s ()) l;
Hashtbl.mem ht
let is_keyword1 = make_table [ "as"; "axiom"; "clone"; "coinductive";
"constant"; "else"; "end"; "epsilon"; "exists"; "export"; "false";
"forall"; "function"; "goal"; "if"; "import"; "in"; "inductive";
"lemma"; "let"; "match"; "meta"; "not"; "predicate"; "prop";
"scope"; "then"; "theory"; "true"; "type"; "use"; "with";
(* programs *) "abstract"; "any";
"begin"; "do"; "done"; "downto"; "exception";
"for"; "fun"; "ghost"; "loop"; "model"; "module";
"mutable"; "private"; "raise"; "rec";
let is_keyword1 = make_table [ "as"; "axiom"; "by";
"clone"; "coinductive"; "constant";
"else"; "end"; "epsilon"; "exists"; "export";
"false"; "float"; "forall"; "function";
"goal"; "if"; "import"; "in"; "inductive";
"lemma"; "let"; "match"; "meta"; "not"; "predicate";
"range"; "scope"; "so"; "then"; "theory"; "true"; "type"; "use"; "with";
(* programs *) "abstract"; "any"; "at";
"begin"; "break"; "continue"; "do"; "done"; "downto"; "exception";
"for"; "fun"; "ghost"; "label"; "module"; "mutable";
"old"; "private"; "pure"; "raise"; "rec"; "return";
"to"; "try"; "val"; "while"; ]
let is_keyword2 = make_table [ "absurd"; "alias"; "assert"; "assume";
"ensures"; "check"; "invariant"; "raises"; "reads"; "requires";
"returns"; "variant"; "writes"; "diverges"; ]
"check"; "diverges"; "ensures"; "invariant";
"raises"; "reads"; "requires"; "returns"; "variant"; "writes"; ]
let get_loc lb =
Loc.extract (Lexing.lexeme_start_p lb, Lexing.lexeme_end_p lb)
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