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      Store counterexample information related to VC in a special index. · 924c3f18
      David Hauzar authored
      Since the exact line of the construct that triggers VC may not be
      known, the possibility to map the counterexample information related
      to this construct to dedicated index instead of mapping it to line
      number was added.
      Note that the line of the construct that triggers VC is guaranteed to
      be known only if  this construct does not span to multiple lines or if
      the VC is not split.
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      The format of counterexample JSON output changed. · f3aa06e2
      David Hauzar authored
      Model elements in source code line are represented as list of JSON objects
      with attributes "name", "value", and "kind". The attribute "name" is a
      name of a counterexample element, the attribute "value" is the value of
      the counterexample element, and the attribute "kind" is the kind of
      counterexample element, currently one of "old", "result", "error_message",
      and "other".
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      More projection functions for a single type. · 4748a76d
      David Hauzar authored
      Transformation intro_projections_counterexmp support more
      projections for a single type Ty.ty. The projections can have a name
      and this name is appended to the name of the function symbol or
      predicate being projected.
      This is useful for records - for record type, there can be a projection
      for each element of the type and the name of the projection can be
      the name of the element.
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      Adding information about the line that corresponds to the VC check · 68b3134d
      David Hauzar authored
      to the counter-example model.
      This line must be marked with the label "model_vc".
      If VC line is postcondition, it can be marked with the label
      "model_func" or "model_func:func_name". Terms corresponding to
      old values of arguments will be marked with @old, term corresponding
      to the function result will be marked with @result or
      func_name@result if func_name was given.
      Pretty printing of model element names in counter-example.
      Possibility to print differently model elements corresponding to
      function result, old values of function arguments and other model
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      discriminate: change way to configure the transformation · 336ea66d
      Martin Clochard authored
      This commit enable the possibility to change discriminate
      behavior from Why3 source files. The 4 metas that configure
      the transformation:
      can now be configured from source files (actually they could
      before, but their value was overriden by the drivers).
      The behavior in absence of annotation can be specified from
      drivers using the 4 new configuration metas:
      They behave as their non-default counterparts, except they
      have lower precedence. This avoid the forementioned
      overriding problem.
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      Prover: updated Makefile · 41cf4b36
      MARCHE Claude authored
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