1. 14 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  2. 09 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Merge cherrypicked commits from Adacore and new_ide · 2d310952
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      This reduces the differences between why3server of Adacore (which is known
      to be working on Windows) and why3server of Why3.
      Recovered src/driver/prove_client.ml whose version from Adacore is not
      suitable on Why3 side.
  3. 07 Feb, 2018 13 commits
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      Remove useless include · 9f61968f
      Sylvain Dailler authored
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      Q213-024 make windows version of why3server also accept path as socket · 2aeae0f1
      Johannes Kanig authored
      The windows version of why3server (and client) now also handles a path
      as socket name. However, on windows sockets are not paths, so it just
      throws away the path part of the socket name, and just uses the
      Change-Id: I11d5c0f1023cb21eb105a892f12065d918b9eb9c
      (cherry picked from commit 924dbfe1f52c9197939d763fb72df9b980efd511)
    • Johannes Kanig's avatar
      Q213-024 remove useless global init and add comment · 5252d48c
      Johannes Kanig authored
      Change-Id: Ic12eaeb437151a71a168b0f14f7a8db3343c5cb9
      (cherry picked from commit 6c45b3cf5a559c064d136631a6d297f52d267afe)
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      Q213-024 why3server allows to take long path as socket · 8f610390
      Johannes Kanig authored
      Unix sockets have the restriction that the path to the socket must be
      quite short (100 chars give or take depending on exact OS). We can
      workaround this limitation by chdir'ing to the dirname of the socket
      first. We need to do that in the client and server parts of the code,
      but only for Unix (windows doesn't use Unix sockets obviously).
      Right now this code is not strictly needed in gnatprove, because we
      don't pass a path, only a filename as the socket. But this will change
      * prove_client.ml
      (client_connect): save curdir, change to dirname, connect to basename,
        then go back to curdir
      * options.c
      rename socketname because it would clash with basename from libgen.h
      * server-unix.c
      rename of basename to socketname
      (server_init_listening): save curdir, change to dirname, connect to
        basename, then go back to curdir
      * server-win.c
      rename of basename to socketname
      Change-Id: Ib69587dfa136f6ced753c983bc37203c37acb936
      (cherry picked from commit e6c15eb26d6077e814ab8c72deb92fc86e43600a)
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      (no-tn-check) comments · 7904985c
      Johannes Kanig authored
      Change-Id: I0c71ac7e08df20f8135fe0cacc3716b2d1024991
      (cherry picked from commit 4651501b2826c6976875e6280337d640c2f787b9)
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      fixed memory access bug in why3server · 98f51c91
      MARCHE Claude authored
      (cherry picked from commit 963190dc)
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      VC server: adding a request to interrupt processes, in progress · 00f20638
      MARCHE Claude authored
      (cherry picked from commit 28cd7354)
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      P613-010 fix crashes of gnatwhy3 connecting to why3server · 95c207d1
      Johannes Kanig authored
      On windows, when the why3server has accepted a client on the server
      socket, it continues to use that socket for the client communication. A
      new socket is created so that new clients can connect. However, there
      may be a little time between accepting the client and creating the new
      socket, where the connection of another client will be refused. This
      resulted in crashes.
      We now simply prepare more than one server socket, so that several
      clients can connect at the same time. More precisely, we create as many
      sockets as gnatwhy3 processes will be run in parallel.
      Concretely, we replace the previous server_socket and server_key
      variables by arrays, whose length is determined by the "parallel"
      option. The code which manipulated these variables needs to be adapted
      to know which of the sockets to manipulate.
      * server-win.c
      (shutdown_with_msg): close all handles
      (create_server_socket): new integer argument which specifies the cell to
         store the new server socket in
      (accept_client): new integer argument which specifies on which of the
         server sockets the connection was accepted. Used to create a new
         socket in that cell using create_server_socket.
      (init): create an array of sockets instead of just one
      (get_server_num): new function to determine the socket which got the
        new client
      (main): use get_server_num to know if it was a server socket that had an
         event, and which one. Call accept_client with the result.
      Change-Id: I5f7ff1b30c9340d897b75085ade61b2d79f87167
      (cherry picked from commit f2cbded5da7a3fcbebb61ee98b8e6c8d9c1d2227)
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      (no-tn-check) fix loop style to C99 style · 53f701a3
      Johannes Kanig authored
      Change-Id: Ie756bd146b822782bac977326a6a2b996d075dec
      (cherry picked from commit 6339d6678c3260b6e4e42f944581c4515c2ed567)
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