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    • Guillaume Melquiond's avatar
      Regenerate Coq proofs broken by the support for realizations. · c817c1ca
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      Note that this is just a consequence of symbols not being imported from
      realizations. If Coq files were generated with "Require Import" directives
      rather than just "Require", the change would have been completely
      transparent. This is not reason enough to switch to "Require Import" but
      it should be kept in mind.
    • Guillaume Melquiond's avatar
      Point Coq to Why3 realizations by adding a -R option inside its prover commands. · 32881636
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      My first idea was to use "-R @libdir@/coq", or some other variable I would
      have defined in, but it didn't work at all. Indeed, such path
      variables depend on cascaded substitution, which work fine inside
      make files and shell scripts, but not at all inside Why3 config files.
      Note that this is a documented feature of Autoconf so I doubt there is any
      way to circumvent it.
      So I ended up adding a new format specifier inside call_provers: %l is
      substituted by Config.libdir.