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      rewrite the command line treatment to provide reasonable · 77f29212
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      default actions in case explicit options are missing.
      The command line has the following structure:
          why [options] [[file|-] [-t <theory> [-g <goal>]...]...]...
          Qualified theories come from the library, not from file.
          When the driver is not specified, pretty-print theories.
          When neither --prove nor --output are given, print tasks.
          When no theory is specified for a file, use every theory.
          When no goal is specified for a theory, use every goal.
          % why.opt
          [shows usage information]
          % why.opt test.why
          [prints the contents of test.why]
          % why.opt -t int.Int
          [prints the library theory int.Int]
          % why.opt -D drivers/z3.drv test.why
          [sends every task from test.why to stdout]
          % why.opt -D drivers/z3.drv -o directory test.why
          [creates ./directory/ if it's does not exist and
           sends every task to a separate file in ./directory/]
          % why.opt -D drivers/z3.drv --prove test.why -t ThA
          [calls the prover for every goal from theory ThA in test.why]
          % why.opt -D drivers/z3.drv --prove test.why -t ThA -g G1 -g G2
          [calls the prover for G1 and G2 from theory ThA in test.why]
          % why.opt -D drivers/z3.drv -t int.Abs -g G1 test.why -t ThA
          [prints G1 from int.Abs and every goal from ThA in test.why]
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