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  1. 03 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • David Hauzar's avatar
      Traceability for record field names in counterexamples. · b25b6a72
      David Hauzar authored
      In wp, eval_match is used to replace record fields with simple variables
      of the same type. Originally, all labels from the variable that field
      was accessed were copied to new variables representing fields of this
      variable. Therefore also "model_trace:var_name" label was copied and thus
      the field had name "var_name" in the counterexample.
      This commit solves this problem by appending names of the fields to
      "model_trace:*" label of new variables representing record fields.
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      More projection functions for a single type. · 4748a76d
      David Hauzar authored
      Transformation intro_projections_counterexmp support more
      projections for a single type Ty.ty. The projections can have a name
      and this name is appended to the name of the function symbol or
      predicate being projected.
      This is useful for records - for record type, there can be a projection
      for each element of the type and the name of the projection can be
      the name of the element.