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      Reworking tags and transformations, stage 2: · 157f4a5c
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      - dependent transformations (ones that depend on cloning history
        and/or metaproperties) have now the same type Trans.trans and
        can be registered via Trans, too.
      - load_driver accumulates appropriate tdecls to be appended to
        tasks before transformation/printing.
      At this moment, we have almost everything in place and are ready
      to remove Register module (subsumed by Trans and Printer in core/)
      and Prover module (its functions will move to Driver), and convert
      all printers and transformations to use the new infrastructure. 
      Not implemented yet:
      - appending driver-imposed tdecls to tasks - when and where?
      - metas-options - what is the best way to implement them?
      - syntax/typing for metas in theories and drivers.
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      encoding_decorate_mono : nearly done · d31c675c
      Francois Bobot authored
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      manager debugging · a36cd4f7
      MARCHE Claude authored
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      print-namespace : print the kind of the lemmas · 2185d5bd
      Francois Bobot authored
      completion : complete theories and goals
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      ca montre la task · 596984c1
      MARCHE Claude authored
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    • Andrei Paskevich's avatar
      reworking tags and transformations, stage 1: · 18a0e0b0
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      - introduce a new Theory.tdecl "Meta" to be used for tags
      - simplify cloning procedure, get rid of the th_clone field
      - when a goal proposition is discarded during cloning, 
        it's still keeped in the theory as a "skip proposition",
        this is needed to preserve/clone every local identifier.
        Skip propositions are eliminated during task formation.
      - get rid of a separate Task.tdecl type
      - reorganize the Task.task_hd record:
        * use/clone history is cached in a theory-keyed map;
        * meta-properties are cached in a tagname-keyed map.
        This is done to simplify the fine-grained configuration
        of transformations.
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