1. 04 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      Documentation: add description to all the registration functions · 29201f7c
      François Bobot authored
       (metas, debug flags, transformations, formats) except for label.
      This description is used in --list-*. The description can use any of
      the formatting markup of Format "@ " "@[",...
      Transformations can also specify from which metas and labels they
      depend, and add informations about how they are interpreted.
        - complete and correct the documentation
        - when a transformation use Trans.on_meta, it should be possible to
          add an interpretation of the metas in the documentation.
        - recover a summary version of --list-* ?
        - be able to export in latex?
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      session pairing: simplify and move session pairing. · e6f52504
      François Bobot authored
        session pairing doesn't compute anymore the shape of the goal, it is
       done before. It was able to compute the shape only when the checksum
       of the task was different, but computing the checksum of the task is
       way more time consuming than computing the shape of the goal (and
       include it).
       So this commit simplify greatly the function and theoretically
       augment just a little the time spent. Experimentaly it's the inverse
       on max_matrix. Until "update_session: done" with or without modifying
       the checksums:
                  before     |   after
      without : 0.21-0.22 s  | 0.16-0.17 s
      with    : 0.23-0.26 s  | 0.18-0.20 s
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    • Andrei Paskevich's avatar
      separate abstract types and logic symbols · 1b769a78
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      - put abstract types and aliases in Dtype of tysymbol
      - put (recursive) algebraic types in Ddata of (ts,constr list) list
      - put abstract function/predicate symbols in Dparam of lsymbol
      - put defined logic symbols in Dlogic of (ls,ls_definition) list
  7. 03 Jan, 2012 1 commit
    • François Bobot's avatar
      new session · 49c19a38
      François Bobot authored
      Split session in two :
      Session : an API for managing session without running provers
      Session_scheduler : an API for running provers asynchronously
      All the global states have been removed.
      A session must be first read, which give a session without task.
      Afterward it must be updated to the current state of the files with
      some environnement and configuration.
      printer and iterator are provided for session.
      Session_tools : some useful functions on session.
      Smoke detector : not anymore integrated to session. Just add the
            transformation "smoke_detector_top" or "smoke_detector_deep" to
            all the valid proof attempt.
      prover_id are not yet removed but all is in place in session for that.
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