1. 17 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Improved checking of realizations for Isabelle · 96f69b5e
      Stefan Berghofer authored
      Rather than using pre-generated files, the *.xml files describing the
      Why3 theories to be realized are generated again before compiling the
      corresponding Isabelle theories. Instead of the generated *.xml files,
      we use a file containing their hash values to detect changes in the
      realizations. Since there may be different realizations for different
      versions of Isabelle, we provide a file with hash values for every
      supported version of Isabelle. The files containing the hash values
      can be updated via the update-isabelle target.
      (cherry picked from commit 039e0f0a321c36ea3bea231e4376f5833cd2ad8a)
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