1. 30 Jun, 2017 2 commits
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  4. 26 Jun, 2017 5 commits
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q313-019 Add parsing of hexadecimal for float values · 3f4947b3
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      Formerly we only parsed elements of float values as decimals when they can
      be hexadecimal.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_lexer.mll
      (float_num): Now takes hexadecimal number instead of decimal numbers.
      Change-Id: Ie3c4e3452c7cb68af8767d2859bfbb4bb90e607e
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q424-012 Parse z3s boolean expression and floating point value · 3a94474f
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      This commit adds parsing for boolean expression and floating point value
      which are returned by z3 on the last version. This adds floating point
      values in the collected data and JSON printed data. This does not add
      boolean expressions because it does not add information.
      Also added transformation eliminate epsilon in driver for Z3 ce.
      * drivers/z3_gnatprove_ce.drv
      (eliminate_epsilon): Added transformation eliminate epsilon in driver for
      counterex for z3.
      * src/core/model_parser.ml
      (float_type): Added a float_type and functions to send it as JSON data.
      * src/driver/collect_data_model.ml
      (convert_array_value): Explicit matching for error handling when adding
      (convert_float): Dummy conversion of float_type to avoid circular
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_lexer.mll
      (token): Adding z3 specific boolean expressions. Also adding a way to
      parse all floating point value including those we don't want to print
      because we need to parse them even if we don't want to print them.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_parser.mly
      (smt_term): Adding floating point value case which is handled in the lexer.
      Added boolean_expression case.
      * src/driver/smt2_model_defs.ml
      (float_type): Adding a duplicated float_type for dependencies reasons.
      (print_float): Debugging print of float_type.
      (): Adding cases for float in remaining functions.
      Change-Id: I5baee2880a9843f0fec61b1bf3edb2a2f3e54bd1
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q418-025 Printing arrays with bv indices · 3f732c46
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      This commits allows printing of arrays which have indices typed as
      * src/driver/collect_data_model.ml
      (convert_to_indice): Add bitvector case.
      Change-Id: Iafe10e5e6cd1aab0a3e023aeb69df03fde8880e8
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Added no_inversion and no_selector for eliminate_algebraic transformations · af6c3d91
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      from a commit by Florian Schanda in 2013 (Spark repo 9b954f4).
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    • Johannes Kanig's avatar
      Q520-002 fix unsoundness related to exceptions · 6c65e7ee
      Johannes Kanig authored
      On N127-001, an optimisation of the fast WP was introduced, based on
      marking states that contain variables that need to be refreshed when
      merging them. However, this "marked" status was incorrectly reset to
      false when merging states, even though some of those "unfresh" variables
      could survive the merge. The consequence was that the WP was reusing
      variables too aggressively, which would result in incorrect VCs.
      We now compute the marked status of a merged state from the states to be
      merged: if one of them is marked, the merged state is marked too.
      (merge): synthetize marked status from input states
      Change-Id: Ifb02c54fca58137c31762469e48b59e7c907b995
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  12. 24 May, 2017 1 commit
    • MARCHE Claude's avatar
      allow relative pathnames for drivers stored in the Why3 config file · eb751c1b
      MARCHE Claude authored
      If drivers in why3.conf are simple names like "alt_ergo", then the driver file
      is search as <datadir>/drivers/alt_ergo.drv
      This behavior is now the same as when a driver is given with option -D on the
      command line for why3prove, why3replay or why3extract
      Reminder: the datadir is either given as
      1) the environment variable WHY3DATA
      2) the field "datadir" of the [main] section of the
         why3 config file if exists
      3) or by default the compile-time datadir
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