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      Refinement (wip) · 2c2c4632
      Mário Pereira authored
      A good example is worth a thousand words:
      module Sig
        type t = private mutable {}
        val f (t: t) : int
          writes { t }
      module Impl
        use import int.Int
        type t = { mutable size: int }
        let f (t: t) : int
          writes  { t }
          ensures { result = (old t).size }
          ensures { t.size = (old t).size + 1 }
        = let x = t.size in t.size <- t.size + 1;
        clone Sig with type t = t, val f = f
      In order for this clone to succeed, we need to add the field
      [size] to the [writes] of the cloned val [f].
      In the general case, we add all of the new mutable fields of
      a refinement type to [writes] clause of the cloned function
      (even if their values are not changed by the function execution).
      FIXME: fix the case in which the type to be refined is already
      declared with some mutable fields.
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      eval_match: track · 52a56bb5
      Andrei Paskevich authored
    • Andrei Paskevich's avatar
      eval_match: cap_equality · 640b8ca3
      Andrei Paskevich authored
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    • MARCHE Claude's avatar
      fixed dates and authors · 9c4fec84
      MARCHE Claude authored
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Adding new cntexmps from spark/why3. · 084a4108
      Sylvain Dailler authored
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      PB23-035 enrich information in .spark files · a4bf8bd8
      Johannes Kanig authored
      For every check, we now print the "check_tree" into the JSON output.
      This is basically a dump of the session tree, just in a different
      * json.ml
      new json datatype and new function "print_json" to print it
      Change-Id: I0b28ac181793af4d160abc58c2634b3cbcac9b94
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q217-025 Allow parsing for reference in counterexamples · f9e2170a
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      Parsing reference was forgotten in commit for Q217-025. This solves the
      problem with a new token MK_ANYTHING.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_lexer.mll
      (parse): Added lexing for all remaining mk*___ record constructs.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_parser.mly
      (smt_term): An smt_term can be a reference to a smt_term. It means it can
      be (Mk_anything smt_term).
      Change-Id: Ib529fee83d16d09266e526ca5fb3c65526addff5
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      Q327-007 Change printer specific to cvc4 ce · ac4f6321
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      Added a counter for constructors. We print a new functions to redefine
      constructors only if there is a need.
      * src/printer/smtv2_cvc_ce.ml
      (print_constructor_decl): Added counter.
      (print_data_decl): Added counter.
      (print_saved_constructors): Print only if number of constructors in the
      list is greater than counter.
      Change-Id: Iad0f29caac961644dcbf4137341abd76c01e1090
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      Q316-004 Remove get-info · 9ef97dbb
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      Do not print (get-info :reason-unknown) on smt2 output. Previously,
      detection of end of model and beginning of statistics was done by using
      the reason. We now detect a single parenthesis on a line: every cvc4 model
      ends with this (we assume statistics does not contain a line beginning
      with a closing parenthesis). As a side effect, we also find
      more counterexamples.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model.ml
      (parse): Revert changes that were detecting Abort trap.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_parser.mly
      (output): Revert changes to allow absence of parenthesis at the end. Also
      removed parsing on results given by the reason. Now match on ).
      * src/printer/smtv2_cvc_ce.ml
      (print_prop_decl): Remove (get-info :reason-unknown).
      * src/printer/smtv2.ml
      (print_prop_decl): Remove get-info for coherence.
      Change-Id: Ifbd7b2b9ce499f8aaa020f58375d784793990965
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      Q316-004 Parse cvc4 output on mac · 4e94e8dc
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      This patch allows parsing model including the error message raised by cvc4
      on mac.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model.ml
      (parse): Allow parsing of specific error message "Abort trap".
      (output): Allow parsing when last parenthesis is missing which is the case
      when the bug is occuring.
      Change-Id: I80d7276d37916e09ba4bb28478ac9a7427789771
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q217-025 minor typo · cffa3177
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      Change-Id: Id165717756375db150031589740470cc1e08b8ac
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q217-025 Printer to smt2: convert bool term inside type to bv · a303ae72
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      This commit solves a CVC4 limitation on boolean inside datatypes for CE.
      It converts them to bv by adding a new printer. This commit is a hack and
      it will be reverted when the bug is solved in CVC4.
      * Makefile.in
      (Makefile): Added new printer.
      * drivers/smtv-libv2_cvc_ce.drv:
      (printer): new printer used is smtv2_cvc_ce
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_lexer.mll
      (parse): Changed the way constructor of datatype are detected.
      * src/printer/smtv2_cvc_ce.ml
      (print_constructors): Projections to bool are changed to projections
      to bitvectors. Duplicate projections are generated which returns bool and
      are used in the rest of smtv2 generated.
      Change-Id: Ib2eba92aa788938b0bec30f8c156e9b235896881
    • Sylvain Dailler's avatar
      Q217-025 Use get-model instead of get-values for CE · 1f6da25d
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      This commit allows parsing of the result of get-model from smtsolvers.
      It changes the communication between why3 and Spark for CE to communicate
      records and array as JSON values.
       * src/core/model_parser.ml
      (model_value): Adding boolean and record type to model values.
      (print_*): Changed printing functions to print arrays and records as JSON
      values not as strings.
       * src/driver/collect_data_model.ml
      (get_variables_*): collect all internal variables of a term and put them
      into a map.
      (add_all_cvc): Add all cvc4 variables in the model to a global map.
      (add_vars_to_table): Add values of variables that can be deduced from ITE
       to the table.
      (corres_else_element): Take the definitions of functions to_rep/of_rep
      and extract the values of internal CVC variables from it.
      (refine_*): Recursively replace internal variables in a term with values
      taken from the table.
      (convert_*): Convert to type model_value from model_parser.ml.
      (create_list): Combine the following to get a list of model_value from
      the parsing of the model.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model.ml
      (parse): Changed the detected end of model.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_lexer.mll
      (rule): Added tokens related to model definitions and SPARK definitions of
      records, discriminants and ref.
      * src/driver/parse_smtv2_model_parser.mly
      (output): Changed the parser so that it can parse a model as returned by
      Cvc4 or z3.
      * src/driver/smt2_model_defs.ml
      (print_*): Added printing functions for terms.
      (make_local*): Changes the AST of terms to differentiate smtsolver
      internal variables, user-defined variables and local variables.
      (subst*): Removes the local let bindings introduced by z3.
      (build_record_discr): Put definitions of discriminants inside the record
       * src/printer/smtv2.ml
      (print_logic_decl): Removed get-values and added get-model.
      * src/transform/intro_projections_counterexmp.ml
      (intro_const_equal_to_term): Only allow projections for attributes first,
      last and field projections. Necessary when the field of a record is
      itself on array on which we want to get First and Last.
      * src/transform/intro_vc_vars_counterexmp.ml
      (do_intro): Some definitions moved to intro_projections_counterexmp.ml.
      Change-Id: Ib77fb66a2f7c53a9f54cfc300c8984e1fcec8087
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      update header for year 2017 · 216f2ecd
      MARCHE Claude authored