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    • Andrei Paskevich's avatar
      make api of maps/sets more consistent · 33bb423f
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      - change takes function as the first argument
      - add_new takes exception as the first argument
      - find_default is renamed to find_def and takes the default value
        as the first argument
      - find_option is renamed to find_opt (to align with find_exn and find_def)
      - default_option is renamed def_option
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    • François Bobot's avatar
      new session · 49c19a38
      François Bobot authored
      Split session in two :
      Session : an API for managing session without running provers
      Session_scheduler : an API for running provers asynchronously
      All the global states have been removed.
      A session must be first read, which give a session without task.
      Afterward it must be updated to the current state of the files with
      some environnement and configuration.
      printer and iterator are provided for session.
      Session_tools : some useful functions on session.
      Smoke detector : not anymore integrated to session. Just add the
            transformation "smoke_detector_top" or "smoke_detector_deep" to
            all the valid proof attempt.
      prover_id are not yet removed but all is in place in session for that.