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      Improve handling of blank lines. · 78aea783
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
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      Change the Coq printer so that it knows a bit about Coq syntax. · a8514e62
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      Assumptions about the input file:
      - The first lines up to the first empty line are supposed to have been
        generated automatically by Why3 and are discarded.
      - Any Axiom, Parameter, or block of lines started by (* Why3 assumption *)
        is supposed to have been generated automatically by a previous run of
        Why3 and acts as a location marker. There is a name associated with the
        marker: the first meaningful identifier encountered by the parser, e.g.
        the world after Inductive.
      - Any block of lines started by (* Why3 goal *) is supposed to have been
        automatically generated by Why3 up to a line ending by a point. The
        following lines are considered as user-edited content up to the first
        occurrence of Qed, Admitted, Defined, or Save. The location name is again
        extracted from the first meaningful identifier. The user content will be
        copied whenever Why3 prints a declaration with the same name.
      - Any other line is supposed to be user content. It will be copied whenever
        Why3 prints some declaration with a name matching a further location.
      Note that the parser is rather crude for now. It will presumably breaks bad
      in presence of commands that are commented out or if the user got creative
      with indentation. This should be considered as a proof of concept.
      Moreover, it does not handle yet features like gallina definitions and
      notations, which will be more user-friendly for realizing whole theories.
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      Move Coq realizations from a .ml file to a driver file. · cc79baa8
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      Note that the file is still generated at compilation time.
      The "realized" meta takes two arguments. The first one is the path+name of
      the theory, the second one is the translation of it for the target prover.
      The meta is supposed to be put into a printer file, so there is no
      ambiguity on the target. The second argument can be left empty if it can be
      inferred from the first one.
      Note that the first argument is not really satisfactory, since it is
      redundant with the theory part of the driver. Moreover, its handling is a
      bit crude: it does not take into account rich qualifiers and it does not
      generate proper error messages if it does not match the theory.
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      Switch to an always-on realization mode for Coq. · f796cd6d
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      There are hardly any change to the code. It now just looks whether
      dependencies are marked as realized. The old no-realization mode is
      equivalent to marking no theory as realized, while the old realization
      mode amounts to marking all of the theories as realized. Now, the finer
      granularity make any intermediate state reachable. This is just a proof
      of concept, so the actual set of realized theories is hard-coded.
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      Coq output: recursive definitions · 59b180cb
      Jean-Christophe Filliâtre authored
      introduced new transformation eliminate_non_struct_recursion for that purpose
      uses Decl.check_termination tomake the check and the pretty-print
      (could probably be improved to avoid 3 calls to check_termination)
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      Add support for generic printing of integers and reals. · 1ba8f1a6
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      Prover capabilities are now represented by a record enumerating each case and which syntax to use then.
      This fixes output of nondecimal integers to provers (bug #12981).
      TODO: check whether some provers support more than just decimal representations.
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