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      upgrade Alt-Ergo proofs to 0.95.1 · 588b5df8
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      in three cases, we use a proof by an earlier version of Alt-Ergo
      as a sample for bisection and then reprove it with other provers.
      Also, moved all sessions in theories/ and modules/ to
      tests/theory-sessions/. These sessions are not replayed
      by nightly-builds and should not be distributed.
      Please, do not run why3ide on the standard library files,
      make separate files in examples/ using those theories, or
      just realize them in Coq. Don't clobber the loadpath.
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      update sessions · 7a7fccd6
      Andrei Paskevich authored
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      reorganize examples/ · 4b1bc2b0
      Andrei Paskevich authored
      - all programs with sessions are in examples/
      - all programs without sessions are in examples/in_progress/
        (if you have private sessions for those, just move them there)
      - all pure logical problems are in logic/
        (to simplify bench scripts and gallery building; they are few anyway)
      - all OCaml programs are in examples/use_api/
      - all strange stuff is in examples/misc/
        (most of it should probably go)
      - Claude's solutions for Foveoos 2011 are in examples/foveoos11-cm/
        (why do we need two sets of solutions for quite simple problems?)
      - hoare_logic, bitvectors, vacid_0_binary_heaps are in examples/
      Bench scripts and documentation are updated.
      Also, bench/bench is simplified a little bit.