1. 30 Nov, 2011 4 commits
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      bitvecotrs, power_sum · 12121e6a
      MARCHE Claude authored
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      details, related to hi-lite meeting · b6331a81
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      more lemmas on Real.abs · 00258be3
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      Revert "cvc3 understand definition" · 7a62e628
      François Bobot authored
       - When the encoding can't encode a definition it transform it into an
         axiom. But it's not the same than before. The differences is that
         eliminate algebraic is before this transformation into axiom and
         not after. So if the definition start with a match, in one case
         that give different nice axioms, and in the other case that
         introduce a match function which is polymorph and not well used by
         Possible solutions :
         1) make the match function easier to use with some modification to
         its definition and discriminate it.
         2) Eliminate the match function when the encoding tranform a
         definition into axioms.
      This reverts commit 1f652980.
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      Regenerate Coq proofs broken by the support for realizations. · c817c1ca
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      Note that this is just a consequence of symbols not being imported from
      realizations. If Coq files were generated with "Require Import" directives
      rather than just "Require", the change would have been completely
      transparent. This is not reason enough to switch to "Require Import" but
      it should be kept in mind.
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      Point Coq to Why3 realizations by adding a -R option inside its prover commands. · 32881636
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      My first idea was to use "-R @libdir@/coq", or some other variable I would
      have defined in configure.in, but it didn't work at all. Indeed, such path
      variables depend on cascaded substitution, which work fine inside
      make files and shell scripts, but not at all inside Why3 config files.
      Note that this is a documented feature of Autoconf so I doubt there is any
      way to circumvent it.
      So I ended up adding a new format specifier inside call_provers: %l is
      substituted by Config.libdir.
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      Switch to an always-on realization mode for Coq. · f796cd6d
      Guillaume Melquiond authored
      There are hardly any change to the code. It now just looks whether
      dependencies are marked as realized. The old no-realization mode is
      equivalent to marking no theory as realized, while the old realization
      mode amounts to marking all of the theories as realized. Now, the finer
      granularity make any intermediate state reachable. This is just a proof
      of concept, so the actual set of realized theories is hard-coded.
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