1. 23 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      session: metas can be added · 3e20cfe5
      François Bobot authored
        - the symbols that appear in the metas are identified in the xml by
          their position in the task:
          - in which declaration
          - in which definition (if that apply otherwise -1)
          - in which constructor(or case in inductive predicate) (if that apply otherwise -1)
          - in which field (if that apply otherwise -1)
        - the md5sum of the prefix of the task that end with the declaration is used to know if the
          symbol have been changed, and if it is obsolete.
        - currently metas that contains obsolete symbol are removed.
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      session: remove the current_shape_version reference because it's · e3de235a
      François Bobot authored
      comportement was not very clear if an exception was raised.
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      Documentation: add description to all the registration functions · 29201f7c
      François Bobot authored
       (metas, debug flags, transformations, formats) except for label.
      This description is used in --list-*. The description can use any of
      the formatting markup of Format "@ " "@[",...
      Transformations can also specify from which metas and labels they
      depend, and add informations about how they are interpreted.
        - complete and correct the documentation
        - when a transformation use Trans.on_meta, it should be possible to
          add an interpretation of the metas in the documentation.
        - recover a summary version of --list-* ?
        - be able to export in latex?
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      Why3session : a new why3 program · da5b5d18
      François Bobot authored
      It's goal is to allow to view and modify sessions.
      Currently three sub-commands :
      info : can give the provers used, pretty-print in ascii a session,
           can give the corresponding directory
      mod : allow to set obsolete, or modify the archive state of proof attempt
          which corresponds to selected provers
      copy : copy a proof attempt by modifing its prover
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      Add the property archived to proof_attempt. · 08b81e74
      François Bobot authored
      If a proof_attempt is archived, it is not replayed nor set obsolete.
  24. 25 Jan, 2012 2 commits
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      Session doesn't use anymore prover id. · 2e2e0d83
      François Bobot authored
      Prover ids are only used for the command line option "-P".
      The user can choose what he wants (they must be unique)
      The prover name and version should not be modified. If someone want to
      test different command line options for a prover he can use the
      "alternative" field.
      If someone want to replay an external proof but he doesn't have the
      corresponding prover (same name,version,alternative), why3ide ask for
      a replacement among the known provers. The choice can be saved.
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  25. 18 Jan, 2012 1 commit
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      Session rewrite fix : · 804401a4
      François Bobot authored
       - create a session if the directory doesn't exists
       - If the directory exists but the xml doesn't behave as if the xml is empty.
  26. 03 Jan, 2012 1 commit
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      new session · 49c19a38
      François Bobot authored
      Split session in two :
      Session : an API for managing session without running provers
      Session_scheduler : an API for running provers asynchronously
      All the global states have been removed.
      A session must be first read, which give a session without task.
      Afterward it must be updated to the current state of the files with
      some environnement and configuration.
      printer and iterator are provided for session.
      Session_tools : some useful functions on session.
      Smoke detector : not anymore integrated to session. Just add the
            transformation "smoke_detector_top" or "smoke_detector_deep" to
            all the valid proof attempt.
      prover_id are not yet removed but all is in place in session for that.