Commit ff99b742 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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legend dialog

parent 119694dd
......@@ -776,24 +776,73 @@ let info_window t s () =
let help_menu = factory#add_submenu "_Help"
let help_factory = new GMenu.factory help_menu ~accel_group
let show_legend_window () =
let dialog = GWindow.dialog ~title:"Why: legend of icons" () in
let vbox = dialog#vbox in
let text = GText.view ~packing:vbox#add () in
let b = text#buffer in
let i s = b#insert ~iter:b#end_iter s in
let ib i = b#insert_pixbuf ~iter:b#end_iter ~pixbuf:!i in
i "== icons in the tree view on the left ==\n";
i "\n";
ib image_directory;
i "A theory, containing a set of goals\n";
ib image_file;
i "A goal\n";
ib image_prover;
i "An external prover\n";
ib image_transf;
i "A split transformation\n";
i "\n";
i "== icons in the satatus column\n";
i "\n";
ib image_scheduled;
i "external proof scheduled by not started yet\n";
ib image_running;
i "external proof is running\n";
ib image_valid;
i "goal is proved/theory is fully verified\n";
ib image_timeout;
i "external prover reached the time limit\n";
ib image_unknown;
i "external prover answer was not conclusive\n";
ib image_failure;
i "external prover call failed\n";
i "\n";
dialog#add_button "Close" `CLOSE ;
let ( _ : GWindow.Buttons.about) = dialog#run () in
dialog#destroy ()
let (_ : GMenu.image_menu_item) =
~callback:(info_window "Legend" "This is the legend")
let show_about_window () =
let about_dialog =
~authors:["Francois Bobot";
"Jean-Christophe Filliatre";
"Johannes Kanig";
"Claude Marche";
"Andrei Paskevich"
~copyright:"Copyright 2010"
~license:"Gnu Lesser General Public License"
~website_label:"Click here for the web site"
~version:"3.0 alpha"
let ( _ : GWindow.Buttons.about) = about_dialog#run () in
about_dialog#destroy ()
let (_ : GMenu.image_menu_item) =
~callback:(info_window "About"
"This is Why3 preliminary version
Copyright 2010
Francois Bobot
Jean-Christophe Filliatre
Johannes Kanig
Claude Marche
Andrei Paskevich"
......@@ -876,7 +925,6 @@ let source_view =
~right_margin_position:80 ~show_right_margin:true
(* ~smart_home_end:true *)
(* ~height:500 ~width:650 *)
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