Commit fe261a9b authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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QC06-011 Adapt b18ffc3 for Why3 master

This adapts the ConnectionError exception to output a nice message in Why3

* src/driver/
Register the new exception so that it is nicely printed.

Change-Id: I9483fd0bf2561eaed007432b1eb982e7fd086486
(cherry picked from commit 4df80c1501cf304f1e20981bdb5f6f4e0b258b44)
parent 23d6ef87
......@@ -240,4 +240,6 @@ let () = Exn_printer.register (fun fmt exn -> match exn with
Format.fprintf fmt "Already connected to the proof server"
| InvalidAnswer s ->
Format.fprintf fmt "Invalid server answer: %s" s
| ConnectionError s ->
Format.fprintf fmt "Connection error: %s" s
| _ -> raise exn)
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