Commit f8642917 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler

ide get-ce: fix behavior when already on counterexamples proofattempt

parent f7d1d84b
......@@ -1343,8 +1343,10 @@ end
begin match Whyconf.filter_one_prover config filter_prover with
| config_prover ->
(* nid should still exists when scheduling attempt *)
schedule_proof_attempt nid config_prover pan.limit;
remove_node nid
let parent_pn = Session_itp.get_proof_attempt_parent session panid in
let nid' = node_ID_from_pn parent_pn in
remove_node nid;
schedule_proof_attempt nid' config_prover pan.limit
| exception Whyconf.ProverNotFound (_, fp) ->
let msg = Format.asprintf "Counterexamples alternative for prover does \
not exists: %a"
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