Commit f3ec3c00 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Vc: use sp_seq when switching to fast WP

this gives shorter and cleaner VCs
parent 817c759d
......@@ -603,19 +603,20 @@ let rec wp_expr env e res q xq = match e.e_node with
let pvs_of_xwp _ (v,q) s = vc_freepvs s v q in
let pvs = Mexn.fold pvs_of_xwp xq Spv.empty in
dst_of_pvs cv (vc_freepvs pvs res q) in
(* compute sp_expr e independently of q *)
let ok, ne, ex = sp_expr env e res ( fst xq) dst in
let adv = advancement dst in
let q = sp_wp_close res ne adv q in
let join cq (v,q) = sp_wp_close v cq adv q in
wp_and ok (wp_inter_mexn q join ex xq)
(* (* compute sp_expr e with q inlined into ok, so that
(* compute sp_expr e with q inlined into ok, so that
the result expression can be substituted into q *)
let out = q, t_true, Mexn.empty in
let ok,_,ex = sp_seq env e res ( fst xq) out eff_empty dst in
let adv = if Mexn.is_empty ex then Mvs.empty else advancement dst in
wp_inter_mexn ok (fun sp (v,q) -> sp_wp_close v sp adv q) ex xq
| Evar v ->
t_subst_single res (vc_label e (t_var v.pv_vs)) q
| Econst c ->
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