Commit f206aa74 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot
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Configuration : magic number are used.

If magic number doesn't match the file
is moved to "$conf_filename.bak",
and the default configuration is used.
parent e859e9ed
o why3config --conf_file is replaced by -C and --config
o TPTP : encoding is not anymore the default for tptp provers.
It is now forbidden to use explicit with enumeration.
o [IDE] source file names are stored in database as relative paths
......@@ -51,9 +51,11 @@ let option_list = Arg.align [
(* "<dir> set the lib directory ($WHY3LIB)"; *)
(* "--datadir", Arg.String (set_oref datadir), *)
(* "<dir> set the data directory ($WHY3DATA)"; *)
"--conf_file", Arg.String (set_oref conf_file),
"-C", Arg.String (set_oref conf_file),
"<file> use this configuration file, create it if it doesn't exist
($WHY_CONFIG), otherwise use the default one";
"--config", Arg.String (set_oref conf_file),
" same as -C";
"--autodetect-provers", Arg.Set autoprovers,
" autodetect the provers in the $PATH";
"--autodetect-plugins", Arg.Set autoplugins,
......@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@ open Format
open Util
open Rc
(* magicnumber for the configuration :
- 0 before the magic number
- 1 current
If a configuration doesn't contain the actual magic number we don't use it.
let magicnumber = 1
exception WrongMagicNumber
(* lib and shared dirs *)
let compilation_libdir = default_option Config.libdir Config.localdir
......@@ -131,6 +141,7 @@ let default_main =
let set_main rc main =
let section = empty_section in
let section = set_int section "magicnumber" magicnumber in
let section = set_string section "libdir" main.private_libdir in
let section = set_string section "datadir" main.private_datadir in
let section = set_stringl section "loadpath" main.loadpath in
......@@ -171,6 +182,8 @@ let load_prover dirname provers (id,section) =
} provers
let load_main dirname section =
if get_int ~default:0 section "magicnumber" <> magicnumber
then raise WrongMagicNumber;
{ private_libdir = get_string ~default:default_main.private_libdir
section "libdir";
private_datadir = get_string ~default:default_main.private_datadir
......@@ -216,8 +229,18 @@ let default_config conf_file = get_config (conf_file,Rc.empty)
let read_config conf_file =
let filenamerc = try read_config_rc conf_file
with Exit -> (default_conf_file,Rc.empty) in
get_config filenamerc
| Exit -> (default_conf_file,Rc.empty) in
try get_config filenamerc
with WrongMagicNumber ->
let (filename,_) = filenamerc in
let bak = filename^".bak" in
"Warning : your configuration file %s doesn't correspond to the \
current version of Why3. It is moved to %s. The default config is used.@."
filename bak;
Sys.rename filename bak;
default_config filename
let save_config config = to_file config.conf_file config.config
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