Commit f0a03190 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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Print counter example: small fixes

parent d94c3df0
...@@ -198,9 +198,10 @@ let print_model_file fmt me_name_trans filename model_file = ...@@ -198,9 +198,10 @@ let print_model_file fmt me_name_trans filename model_file =
fprintf fmt "File %s:" filename; fprintf fmt "File %s:" filename;
IntMap.iter IntMap.iter
(fun line m_elements -> (fun line m_elements ->
fprintf fmt "\nLine %d:\n" line; fprintf fmt "@\nLine %d:@\n" line;
print_model_elements me_name_trans fmt m_elements) print_model_elements me_name_trans fmt m_elements)
model_file model_file;
fprintf fmt "@\n"
let why_name_trans me_name = let why_name_trans me_name =
match me_name.men_kind with match me_name.men_kind with
...@@ -376,6 +377,7 @@ let print_model_json ...@@ -376,6 +377,7 @@ let print_model_json
fmt fmt
model_files_bindings model_files_bindings
let model_to_string_json let model_to_string_json
?(me_name_trans = why_name_trans) ?(me_name_trans = why_name_trans)
?(vc_line_trans = (fun i -> string_of_int i)) ?(vc_line_trans = (fun i -> string_of_int i))
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