Commit efc6c143 authored by David Hauzar's avatar David Hauzar
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Encoding to smt transformations - preserving labels of terms.

parent 4b163a42
......@@ -81,12 +81,12 @@ let conv_app tenv fs tl tty =
with unnecessary bridge functions over them *)
let rec rewrite tenv t = match t.t_node with
| Tapp (ls,[t1;t2]) when ls_equal ls ps_equ ->
t_equ (rewrite tenv t1) (rewrite tenv t2)
t_label_copy t (t_equ (rewrite tenv t1) (rewrite tenv t2))
| Tapp (ls,tl) ->
let tl = (rewrite tenv) tl in
let tl = List.map2 (conv_arg tenv) tl ls.ls_args in
if t.t_ty = None then ps_app ls tl
else conv_app tenv ls tl (t_type t)
if t.t_ty = None then t_label_copy t (ps_app ls tl)
else t_label_copy t (conv_app tenv ls tl (t_type t))
| _ -> t_map (rewrite tenv) t
let decl tenv d = match d.d_node with
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