Nous avons procédé ce jeudi matin 08 avril 2021 à une MAJ de sécurité urgente. Nous sommes passé de la version 13.9.3 à la version 13.9.5 les releases notes correspondantes sont ici:

Commit eece5475 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Use git-archive instead of hand-coding its features.

As a side effect, this puts symbolic links back inside the archive. They
had been lost since 0.82 and prevented the use of a local installation.
parent fe1208f7
/examples/in_progress/ export-ignore
/misc/ export-ignore
/ROADMAP export-ignore
/DEVELOPER.readme export-ignore
/opam/ export-ignore
.gitignore export-ignore
...@@ -1743,23 +1743,15 @@ wc: ...@@ -1743,23 +1743,15 @@ wc:
######### #########
DISTRIB_DIR = distrib/$(NAME)
# share/zsh ?
# symbolic links in share/ ?
# see .gitattributes for the list of files that are not distributed
EXTRA_DIST = configure doc/manual.pdf EXTRA_DIST = configure doc/manual.pdf
NODIST = examples/in_progress/ misc/ ROADMAP DEVELOPER.readme opam/
dist: $(EXTRA_DIST) dist: $(EXTRA_DIST)
rm -rf $(DISTRIB_TAR) $(DISTRIB_DIR) rm -rf distrib/$(NAME)/ distrib/$(NAME).tar.gz
mkdir -p $(DISTRIB_DIR) mkdir -p distrib/
for d in `git ls-tree -d -r --name-only HEAD`; do mkdir $(DISTRIB_DIR)/$$d; done git archive --format tar --prefix $(NAME)/ HEAD | tar x -C distrib/
for f in `git ls-tree -r --name-only HEAD` $(EXTRA_DIST); do cp $$f $(DISTRIB_DIR)/$$f; done for f in $(EXTRA_DIST); do cp $$f distrib/$(NAME)/$$f; done
rm `find $(DISTRIB_DIR) -name .gitignore`
cd $(DISTRIB_DIR); rm -rf $(NODIST)
cd distrib; tar cf $(NAME).tar $(NAME); gzip -f --best $(NAME).tar cd distrib; tar cf $(NAME).tar $(NAME); gzip -f --best $(NAME).tar
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