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Commit eeb874a6 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Improve menu factory.

parent e6121aa8
......@@ -1751,7 +1751,7 @@ object (self)
GtkBase.Widget.set_accel_path item#as_widget accel_path accel_group;
Opt.iter (fun callback -> let _ = item#connect#activate ~callback in ()) callback;
Opt.iter item#misc#set_tooltip_markup tooltip
method add_item ?key ?accel_path ?accel_group ?modi ?submenu
method add_item ?key ?accel_path ?accel_group ?modi
?(use_mnemonic=true) ?tooltip ?callback label =
let item = GtkMenu.MenuItem.create ~use_mnemonic ~label () in
let item = new GMenu.menu_item item in
......@@ -1759,8 +1759,20 @@ object (self)
menu#append item;
let ap = match accel_path with None -> menu_path ^ label | Some ap -> ap in
self#aux ?key ~accel_path:ap ?accel_group ?modi ?tooltip ?callback item;
Opt.iter item#set_submenu submenu;
method add_separator () =
let item = GtkMenu.MenuItem.separator_create () in
let item = new GMenu.menu_item item in
item#misc#show ();
menu#append item;
method add_submenu ?use_mnemonic label =
let m = GtkMenu.Menu.create [] in
let m = new GMenu.menu m in
m#misc#show ();
let item = self#add_item ?use_mnemonic label in
item#set_submenu m;
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