Commit ee2fe822 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Typing: allow logical symbols in type witnesses (fixes #194)

parent 3fc95de4
......@@ -1106,9 +1106,13 @@ let add_types muc tdl =
| Qdot _ -> raise Not_found
with Not_found -> Loc.errorm ~loc:(qloc q)
"Unknown field %a" print_qualid q in
let nm = v.pv_vs.vs_name.id_string in
let dity = dity_of_ity v.pv_ity in
let de = dexpr muc denv_empty e in
let de = Dexpr.dexpr ?loc:de.de_loc (DEcast (de, dity)) in
let ld = id_fresh nm, true, RKnone, de in
let dv = Dexpr.dexpr ?loc:de.de_loc (DEvar (nm, ([],dity))) in
let de = Dexpr.dexpr ?loc:de.de_loc (DElet (ld, dv)) in
Mpv.add v (expr ~keep_loc:true de) m in
let wit = List.fold_left add_w Mpv.empty d.td_wit in
let wit = if d.td_wit = [] then [] else
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