Commit edf332b7 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: count logical symbols in expressions, too

parent 2a0f224f
......@@ -395,10 +395,15 @@ let e_plapp pls el ity =
let mut = Util.option_map (reg_full_inst sbs) vtv.vtv_mut in
let vty = VTvalue (vty_value ~ghost ?mut ity) in
let eff = eff_full_inst sbs pls.pl_effect in
(* FIXME? We will need to check later in Mlw_module that all symbols
we use are defined: including lsymbols, plsymbols, itysymbols,
and tysymbols. We can care about lsymbols and plsymbols here.
What should we do about type symbols? *)
let tvs = Mid.add pls.pl_ls.ls_name Mtv.empty tvs in
let regs = Mid.add pls.pl_ls.ls_name Mreg.empty regs in
let t = match pls.pl_ls.ls_value with
| Some _ -> fs_app pls.pl_ls tl (ty_of_ity ity)
| None -> ps_app pls.pl_ls tl
| None -> ps_app pls.pl_ls tl in
mk_expr (Elogic t) vty eff tvs regs
| [],_ | _,[] ->
raise (Term.BadArity
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