Commit ed0c99a6 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Mlw: check the absence of aliases in "let function" and "let lemma"

We need to be able to put quantifiers directly over the arguments
and the external reads, without having to reconstruct their values
with aliases.
parent 8498c5e2
......@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@ let create_let_decl ld =
let v,f = open_post q in t_subst_single v t f in
let conv_post t ql = (conv_post t) ql in
let cty_axiom id cty f =
(* FIXME: this is unsound in presence of aliases *)
(* the absence of aliases in checked in add_pdecl *)
let add_old o v m = Mvs.add o.pv_vs (t_var v.pv_vs) m in
let sbs = Mpv.fold add_old cty.cty_oldies Mvs.empty in
let f = List.fold_right t_implies cty.cty_pre (t_subst sbs f) in
......@@ -212,6 +212,32 @@ let close_module uc =
store_module m;
let count_regions {muc_known = kn} {pv_ity = ity} mr =
let add_reg r mr = Mreg.change (fun n -> Some (n <> None)) r mr in
let meet mr1 mr2 = Mreg.union (fun _ x y -> Some (x || y)) mr1 mr2 in
let join mr1 mr2 = Mreg.union (fun _ _ _ -> Some true) mr1 mr2 in
let rec down mr ity = if ity.ity_pure then mr else
match ity.ity_node with
| Ityreg r -> fields (add_reg r mr) r.reg_its r.reg_args r.reg_regs
| Ityapp (s,tl,rl) -> fields mr s tl rl
| Itypur (s,tl) -> fields mr s tl []
| Ityvar _ -> mr
and fields mr s tl rl = if s.its_privmut then mr else
let add_arg isb v ity = ity_match isb (ity_var v) ity in
let isb = List.fold_left2 add_arg isb_empty s.its_ts.ts_args tl in
let isb = List.fold_left2 reg_match isb s.its_regions rl in
let add_ity mr ity = down mr (ity_full_inst isb ity) in
let add_proj mr f = add_ity mr f.rs_cty.cty_result in
let add_field mr v = add_ity mr v.pv_ity in
let d = find_its_defn kn s in
if d.itd_constructors = [] then
List.fold_left add_proj mr d.itd_fields
join mr (List.fold_left (fun mr c ->
meet mr (List.fold_left add_field Mreg.empty c.rs_cty.cty_args))
Mreg.empty d.itd_constructors) in
down mr ity
let add_symbol add id v uc =
store_path uc [] id;
match uc.muc_import, uc.muc_export with
......@@ -226,6 +252,16 @@ let add_pdecl uc d =
muc_known = known_add_decl uc.muc_known d;
muc_local = Sid.union uc.muc_local d.pd_news } in
let add_rs uc s = add_symbol add_ps s.rs_name (RS s) uc in
let add_rs_noalias uc s = match s.rs_logic with
| RLls _ | RLlemma ->
let sv = s.rs_cty.cty_effect.eff_reads in
let mr = Spv.fold (count_regions uc) sv Mreg.empty in
Mreg.iter (fun _ n ->
if n then Loc.errorm ?loc:s.rs_name.id_loc
"The type of this function contains an alias") mr;
add_rs uc s
| _ -> add_rs uc s in
let add_rd uc d = add_rs_noalias uc d.rec_sym in
match d.pd_node with
| PDtype tdl ->
let add uc d =
......@@ -234,8 +270,8 @@ let add_pdecl uc d =
add_symbol add_ts d.itd_its.its_ts.ts_name d.itd_its uc in
List.fold_left add uc tdl
| PDlet (LDvar (v,_)) -> add_symbol add_ps v.pv_vs.vs_name (PV v) uc
| PDlet (LDsym (s,_)) -> add_rs uc s
| PDlet (LDrec l) -> List.fold_left (fun uc d -> add_rs uc d.rec_sym) uc l
| PDlet (LDsym (s,_)) -> add_rs_noalias uc s
| PDlet (LDrec l) -> List.fold_left add_rd uc l
| PDexn xs -> add_symbol add_xs xs.xs_name xs uc
| PDpure -> uc
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