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......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ How to reproduce the bench for "Expressing Polymorphic Types in a Many-Sorted La
The result of this bench can be reproduce using Why3 in the following way:
- You need to come back to version acbaa9b711b41e10d3815e3 with
git checkout acbaa9b711b41e10d3815e3, and
- You need to come back to version 69dd88e5c34808de3905aa3e257288d19e3b643c with
git checkout 69dd88e5c34808de3905aa3e257288d19e3b643c, and
- You need to configure with --enable-local and compile why3.
- After that you should set in ./why.conf in the
section [main] the variable "running_provers_max" to your own
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