Commit ebed5ee0 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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brown-paper bug fix

parent 4599fe6b
......@@ -1111,8 +1111,9 @@ install_local: bin/why3doc
.PHONY: bench test
bench:: bin/why3.@OCAMLBEST@ bin/why3config.@OCAMLBEST@ plugins $(TOOLS)
test -f examples/ && $(MAKE) test-api.@OCAMLBEST@
test -d examples/runstrat && $(MAKE) test-runstrat.@OCAMLBEST@
$(MAKE) test-api.@OCAMLBEST@
if test -d examples/runstrat ; then \
$(MAKE) test-runstrat.@OCAMLBEST@ ; fi
sh bench/bench "bin/why3.@OCAMLBEST@"
@if test "@enable_coq_tactic@" = "yes"; then \
echo "=== checking the Coq tactic ==="; \
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