Commit e95a68d9 authored by Leon Gondelman's avatar Leon Gondelman

coercions bug fix

parent 0cecee75
......@@ -57,24 +57,22 @@ let join crc1 crc2 =
let rec add_crc crcmap crc trans =
let close_right c1 _ty c2 macc =
add_crc macc (join c1 c2) false in
let close_left_right c ty1 _ macc =
let m1 = Mts.find ty1 macc in
if Mts.mem c.crc_src m1
let close_left_right _ty1 m1 macc =
if Mts.mem crc.crc_src m1
let c1 = Mts.find c.crc_src m1 in
let m2 = try Mts.find c.crc_tar macc
let c1 = Mts.find crc.crc_src m1 in
let m2 = try Mts.find crc.crc_src macc
with Not_found -> Mts.empty in
Mts.fold (close_right c1) m2 macc
else macc
with Not_found -> macc in
if not trans then insert crc crcmap else
let crcmap_uc1 = insert crc crcmap in
let crcmap_uc2 =
let m1 =
try Mts.find crc.crc_tar crcmap_uc1 with Not_found -> Mts.empty in
Mts.fold (close_right crc) m1 crcmap_uc1 in
Mts.fold (close_left_right crc) crcmap_uc2 crcmap_uc2
Mts.fold (close_left_right) crcmap_uc2 crcmap_uc2
let add crcmap ls =
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