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updated ROADMAP for future release 0.83

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==================== Roadmap for release 0.83 ========================
== New Features to announce ==
== Final preparation ==
* inform Jerry James <> so that he can test the Fedora package
* faire une passe sur le BTS
* do "make update-coq" and "make", fix Coq realizations if needed
* check that nightly bench is OK
* check that "make xml-validate-local" is OK
(see below : copy the dtd on the web)
* put 0.83 in file Version
* check headers
* check the file CHANGES, add the release date
* manual in PDF: check that macro \todo is commented out
in ./macros.tex, and then "make doc"
(check that manual in HTML is also generated, doc/html/index.html)
* do "make dist"
* test distrib/why3-0.83.tar.gz
* install web page for why2 which includes an updated page for the
quick migration guide. (sources are in CVS repository
* put on the web page
- why3-0.83.tar.gz
cp distrib/why3-0.83.tar.gz /users/www-perso/projets/why3/download
- the manual in PDF
cp doc/manual.pdf /users/www-perso/projets/why3/download/manual-0.83.pdf
- the HTML version of the manual (content of doc/html)
cp -r doc/html /users/www-perso/projets/why3/doc-0.83
- why3session.dtd
cp share/why3session.dtd /users/www-perso/projets/why3/
- standard library online, using why3doc, to
make stdlibdoc
cp -r doc/stdlibdoc /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib-0.83
rm /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib
ln -s /users/www-perso/projets/why3/stdlib-0.83 \
- API doc, produced using ocamldoc, to
make apidoc
cp -r doc/apidoc /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api-0.83
rm /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api
ln -s /users/www-perso/projets/why3/api-0.83 \
(PROBLEME avec style.css ? Ou est le probleme ?)
- update the main HTML page (sources are in repository why3-www)
edit index.html
make export
- add links to extra resources like,,
page du cours de l'X (in french ? using Krakatoa/why3 bridge)
- make everything writeable for the group
chmod -R g+w /users/www-perso/projets/why3
* make a last commit:
- git commit -m "release 0.83"
- add tag 0.83 to the git repository, using
git tag 0.83
- do not forget to push it using
git push
git push --tags
* add a new version to the bugtracker:
* produce the Why3 part of Toccata gallery
-> add also a tar.gz and a ZIP file of it (this is done by doing
"make gallery-files" in the sources of the Toccata web pages)
* Announce the distrib
- What to put in the announcement: see New Features above
* The next commit : add +git to the version in file Version
== TODOs ==
* eliminate_match: (apres la release ?)
* eliminate_match:
** faire un cas particulier pour "bool", le match pouvant se traduire
vers ite qui est supporté par pas mal de prouveurs
** introduire des symboles _match non polymorphes differents pour
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* detect editors
*** check if coqide and also emacs/proof-general is installed
* bug 15629
* bug #15629
==================== Roadmap for release 0.82 ========================
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