Commit e9010695 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

Discriminate: complete the "inst" set with the field types

This allows us to produce monomorphic instances for the symbols
in "lskept" even if the corresponding ground types (e.g., arrays)
do not occur directly in the goal/task, because they are hidden
inside some supertypes.
parent 3c7d2cfb
......@@ -241,6 +241,26 @@ let metas_from_env env =
let add ty decls = create_meta Libencoding.meta_kept [MAty ty] :: decls in
Sty.fold add sty (Lsmap.metas env)
let inst_completion kn kept =
let rec inst_constructors ty acc = match ty.ty_node with
| Tyapp (ts,tyl) when not (Sty.mem ty acc) ->
let acc = Sty.add ty acc in
let tys = Sty.of_list tyl in
let csl = Decl.find_constructors kn ts in
let tys = if csl = [] then tys else
let d = Mid.find ts.ts_name kn in
let base = ty_app ts ( ty_var ts.ts_args) in
let sbs = ty_match Mtv.empty base ty in
let recu ts = Sid.mem ts.ts_name d.d_news in
let add_fd tys ty = if ty_s_any recu ty
then tys else Sty.add (ty_inst sbs ty) tys in
let add_cs tys (cs,_) =
List.fold_left add_fd tys cs.ls_args in
List.fold_left add_cs tys csl in
Sty.fold inst_constructors tys acc
| _ -> acc in
Sty.fold inst_constructors kept Sty.empty
let lsinst_completion kept lskept env =
let fold_ls ls env =
let rec aux env tydisl subst = function
......@@ -284,6 +304,7 @@ let select_lsinst env =
let inst = Sty.union inst (Task.on_tagged_ty meta_inst task) in
let lskept = Sls.union lskept (Task.on_tagged_ls meta_lskept task) in
let lsinst = Task.on_meta meta_lsinst add_user_lsinst lsinst task in
let inst = inst_completion (Task.task_known task) inst in
let lsinst = lsinst_completion inst lskept lsinst in
let task = Trans.apply clear_metas task in
Trans.apply (Trans.add_tdecls (metas_from_env lsinst)) task
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