Commit e8a48006 authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard
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split: remove careless simplifications on pattern-matchings (caused failure)

parent 15e18f71
......@@ -336,11 +336,11 @@ let rec split_core sp f =
List.fold_left (fun (cseen, pos, neg, side) (p, _, sf) ->
let cseen, vl, cond = pat_condition kn tv cseen p in
let cond = if ro then fold_cond cond else cond in
let ps cond f =
- t_forall_close_simp vl [] (t_implies_simp cond f) in
let ng cond f =
- t_exists_close_simp vl [] (t_and_simp cond f) in
let ngt _ a = - t_not a and tag _ a = - a in
let fcl t = - t_forall_close_simp vl [] t in
let ecl t = - t_exists_close_simp vl [] t in
let ps cond f = fcl (t_implies_simp cond f) in
let ng cond f = ecl (t_and_simp cond f) in
let ngt _ a = fcl (t_not a) and tag _ a = ecl a in
let pos = pos ++ bimap ngt ps cond sf.pos in
let neg = neg ++ bimap tag ng cond sf.neg in
let side = side ++ bimap ngt ps cond sf.side in
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