Commit e75ceeba authored by Asma Tafat-Bouzid's avatar Asma Tafat-Bouzid
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blocking semantic

parent 28fac8bc
......@@ -725,11 +725,9 @@ Axiom decide_value : forall (e:expr), (~ (is_value e)) \/ exists v:value,
Theorem bool_value : forall (v:value) (sigmat:(map mident datatype))
(pit:(list (ident* datatype)%type)), (type_expr sigmat pit (Evalue v)
TYbool) -> ((v = (Vbool false)) \/ (v = (Vbool true))).
intros v sigmat pit h1.
inversion h1; subst.
generalize H3.
case_eq v; simpl; intros; try congruence.
case b; auto.
inversion 1; subst.
destruct v; simpl in *; try congruence.
destruct b; auto.
......@@ -896,16 +896,24 @@ eexists.
eapply one_step_let_value.
(* case 7: e = if e1 then e2 else e3 *)
clear IHe2 IHe3.
destruct (decide_value e1).
(* case 7.1: e1 not a value *)
intros sigma pi sigmat pit ty q h1 h2 h3 h4.
(*generalize (IHe1 _ _ _ (conj h1 H)).
intros (sigma' & pi' & e' & h).
inversion h1; subst.
simpl in h3.
pose (q' := Fand (Fimplies (Fterm (Tvar result)) (wp e2 q))
(Fimplies (Fnot (Fterm (Tvar result))) (wp e3 q))).
fold q' in h3.
generalize (IHe1 sigma pi _ _ _ q' H5); clear IHe1.
intros (h5, h6); auto.
generalize (H0 h2 _ H).
exists sigma'.
exists pi'.
exists (Eif e' e2 e3).
eapply one_step_if_ctxt; auto.*)
eapply one_step_if_ctxt; auto.
(* case 7.2: e1 is a value *)
elim H; clear H; intros v He_v.
......@@ -915,12 +923,10 @@ exists pi.
inversion h1; subst.
assert (h: v = Vbool false \/ v = Vbool true).
eapply bool_value with sigmat pit; auto.
destruct h; subst.
destruct h; subst; eexists.
(* v = false *)
apply one_step_if_false.
(* v = true *)
apply one_step_if_true.
(* case 8 : e = assert f *)
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