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[Ide] accept more than one anonymous argument

[<file.why>|<project directory> [<file.why> ...]]
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......@@ -208,7 +208,16 @@ given to the \verb|-o/--output| option.
The basic usage of the GUI is described by the tutorial of
Section~\ref{sec:gui}. There are no specific command-line options,
apart from the common options detailed in introduction to this chapter.
apart from the common options detailed in introduction to this
chapter. However at least one anonymous argument must be specified on
the command line. More precisely the first anonymous argument must be
the directory of the session. If the directory doesn't exists it is
created. The other arguments should be existing files that are going
to be added to the session. For convenience an exception is accepted:
if there is only one anonymous argument it can be an existing file and
in this case the session directory is choosed be the filename without
its extension.
We describe the actions of the various menus and buttons of the
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ let debug = Debug.lookup_flag "ide_info"
let includes = ref []
let file = ref None
let files = Queue.create ()
let opt_parser = ref None
let opt_version = ref false
let opt_config = ref None
......@@ -72,16 +72,10 @@ let version_msg = sprintf "Why3 IDE, version %s (build date: %s)"
Config.version Config.builddate
let usage_str = sprintf
"Usage: %s [options] [<file.why>|<project directory>]"
"Usage: %s [options] [<file.why>|<project directory> [<file.why> ...]]"
(Filename.basename Sys.argv.(0))
let set_file f = match !file with
| Some _ ->
raise (Arg.Bad "only one parameter")
| None ->
file := Some f
let () = Arg.parse spec set_file usage_str
let () = Arg.parse spec (fun f -> Queue.add f files) usage_str
let () =
if !opt_version then begin
......@@ -110,12 +104,7 @@ let () =
(List.sort (Env.list_formats ()))
let fname = match !file with
| None ->
Arg.usage spec usage_str;
exit 1
| Some f ->
let () = if Queue.is_empty files then begin Arg.usage spec usage_str; exit 1 end
let () =
Debug.dprintf debug "[Info] Init the GTK interface...@?";
......@@ -739,17 +728,19 @@ let () = w#show ()
(** TODO remove that should done only in session *)
let project_dir, file_to_read =
let project_dir =
let fname = Queue.pop files in
(** The remaining files in [files] are going to be open *)
if Sys.file_exists fname then
if Sys.is_directory fname then
Debug.dprintf debug
"[Info] found directory '%s' for the project@." fname;
fname, None
if Queue.is_empty files then (* that was the only file *) begin
Debug.dprintf debug "[Info] found regular file '%s'@." fname;
let d =
try Filename.chop_extension fname
......@@ -757,11 +748,21 @@ let project_dir, file_to_read =
Debug.dprintf debug
"[Info] using '%s' as directory for the project@." d;
d, Some fname
Queue.push fname files; (** we need to open [fname] *)
else begin
(** The first argument is not a directory and it's not the
only file *)
"[Error] @[When@ more@ than@ one@ file@ is@ given@ on@ the@ \
command@ line@ the@ first@ one@ must@ be@ the@ directory@ \
of@ the@ session.@]@.";
Arg.usage spec usage_str; exit 1
fname, None
let () =
if not (Sys.file_exists project_dir) then
......@@ -880,11 +881,7 @@ let open_file f =
Exn_printer.exn_printer e in
info_window `ERROR msg
let () =
match file_to_read with
| None -> ()
| Some fn -> open_file fn
let () = Queue.iter open_file files
(* method: run a given prover on each unproved goals *)
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