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Commit e62996dd authored by Raphael Rieu-Helft's avatar Raphael Rieu-Helft
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Clean up

parent 3acf2fef
......@@ -608,7 +608,9 @@ module MLToC = struct
begin match query_syntax info.syntax ts.ts_name
| Some s -> C.Tsyntax (s, List.map (ty_of_ty info) tl)
| None -> C.Tnosyntax
| None -> if is_ts_tuple ts && tl = []
then C.Tvoid
else C.Tnosyntax
let ity_of_expr e = match e.e_ity with
......@@ -1045,10 +1047,7 @@ module MLToC = struct
acc && arity_zero ity.ity_node) true ity)
(* FIXME is it necessary to have arity 0 in regions ?*)
let rtype =
if ity_equal rity Ity.ity_unit
then C.Tvoid
else ty_of_ty info (ty_of_ity rity) in
let rtype = ty_of_ty info (ty_of_ity rity) in
let rtype,sdecls =
if rtype=C.Tnosyntax && is_simple_tuple rity
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