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a couple of notes in TODO

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- introduce logic predicates for program type invariants:
predicate <type_name>_invariant (result : <type_name>) = ...
Should this be just the top invariant, as written by the user,
or should we also include the invariants for the fields?
- allow to specify type invariants below a type definition,
provided there are no program declarations in between.
This allows us to define auxiliary logical functions and
predicates that depend on the (pure) type and can be used in
the invariant. However, the parser must know from the start
that the type has an invariant, what's the best syntax?
- type invariants are now assumed/asserted at the function call
boundaries. We can add a binary flag to Ityapp to allow open
types in function signatures (must be careful with reg_match!).
The type cast can then play the role of the "close" instruction.
Do we need it? What's the good syntax for open types?
- currently every unhandled exception has postcondition "true".
"false" would be a poor choice, as it could introduce inconsistency
in the WPs of the caller. Should we allow unhandled exceptions at all?
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