Commit e55f2b35 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Dexpr: forbid mutable let-constants

"let constant x = ref 0" is okay internally (each mention
of x is a separate application and thus separate allocation),
but this becomes just too confusing in the surface language.
parent 6100ae65
......@@ -1487,8 +1487,10 @@ and try_expr uloc env ({de_dvty = argl,res} as de0) =
and var_defn uloc env (id,gh,kind,de) =
let e = match kind with
| RKlemma -> Loc.errorm ?loc:id.pre_loc
"Lemma-functions must have parameters"
| RKfunc | RKpred | RKlocal | RKnone ->
"lemma-functions must have parameters"
| RKlocal -> Loc.errorm ?loc:id.pre_loc
"illegal kind qualifier"
| RKfunc | RKpred | RKnone ->
let e = expr uloc {env with ugh = gh} de in
e_ghostify env.cgh e in
let ld, v = let_var id ~ghost:(gh || env.ghs) e in
......@@ -1578,10 +1580,11 @@ let let_defn ?(keep_loc=true) (id, ghost, kind, de) =
"Function %s returns unexpected ghost results" nm;
fst (let_sym id ~ghost ~kind c)
| (RKfunc | RKpred), ([], _) ->
(* FIXME: let ghost constant c = <effectful> *)
let e = expr uloc {env_empty with ugh = ghost} de in
if mask_ghost e.e_mask && not ghost then Loc.errorm ?loc
"Function %s must be explicitly marked ghost" nm;
if not e.e_ity.ity_pure then Loc.errorm ?loc
"This value is mutable, it cannot be used as pure";
let c = c_fun [] [] [] Mxs.empty Mpv.empty e in
(* the rsymbol will carry a single postcondition "the result
is equal to the logical constant". Any user-written spec
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