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Commit e3612f24 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Work a bit harder to remove all the useless definitions in Gappa output.

Gappa does not need this cleaning, but the human who reads generated files does.
parent 42f862d9
......@@ -393,6 +393,23 @@ let prepare info defs ((eqs,hyps,goal) as acc) d =
unsupportedDecl d
"gappa: lemmas are not supported"
let find_used_equations eqs hyps goal =
let used = Hid.create 17 in
let mark_used f =
t_s_fold (fun _ _ -> ()) (fun _ ls -> Hid.replace used ls.ls_name ()) () f in
begin match goal with
| Goal_good (_,f) -> mark_used f;
| _ -> ()
List.iter (fun (_,f) -> mark_used f) hyps;
List.fold_left (fun acc ((_, v, t) as eq) ->
let v = match v.t_node with Tapp (l,[]) -> l.ls_name | _ -> assert false in
if Hid.mem used v then begin
mark_used t;
eq :: acc
end else acc
) [] eqs
let print_equation info fmt (pr,t1,t2) =
fprintf fmt "# equation '%a'@\n" print_ident pr.pr_name;
fprintf fmt "%a = %a ;@\n" (print_term info) t1 (print_term info) t2
......@@ -421,7 +438,7 @@ let print_task env pr thpr _blacklist ?old:_ fmt task =
let equations,hyps,goal =
List.fold_left (prepare info (Hid.create 17)) ([],[],Goal_none) (Task.task_decls task)
List.iter (print_equation info fmt) (List.rev equations);
List.iter (print_equation info fmt) (find_used_equations equations hyps goal);
fprintf fmt "@[<v 2>{ %a%a}@\n@]" (print_list nothing (print_hyp info)) (List.rev hyps)
(print_goal info) goal
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