Commit e0a0eb89 authored by Francois Bobot's avatar Francois Bobot
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Revert "use find_*symbol in printer/why3"

This reverts commit c3b4196fd737315a9328f5729c839a18f709b471.
parent 9a380d5c
......@@ -337,21 +337,10 @@ let print_decls info fmt dl =
fprintf fmt "@[<hov>%a@\n@]" (print_list nothing (print_decl info)) dl
let print_inst fmt (id1,id2) =
fprintf fmt "type %s = %a" id1.id_string print_ts (find_tysymbol id2)
with Not_found -> try
fprintf fmt "logic %s = %a" id1.id_string print_ls (find_lsymbol id2)
with Not_found ->
fprintf fmt "prop %s = %a" id1.id_string print_pr (find_prsymbol id2)
fprintf fmt "ident %s = %s" id1.id_string id2.id_string
let print_meta_arg fmt = function
| MARid id -> begin try
fprintf fmt "type %a" print_ts (find_tysymbol id)
with Not_found -> try
fprintf fmt "logic %a" print_ls (find_lsymbol id)
with Not_found ->
fprintf fmt "prop %a" print_pr (find_prsymbol id)
| MARid id -> fprintf fmt "ident %s" id.id_string
| MARstr s -> fprintf fmt "\"%s\"" s
| MARint i -> fprintf fmt "%d" i
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