Commit dfd11796 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Termcode: do not keep more than actually needed

I didn't increment the version just for this fix, so sessions
are officially broken between the previous commit and this one.
parent 9573328e
......@@ -421,15 +421,20 @@ module Checksum = struct
let s = Buffer.contents b in
Digest.to_hex (Digest.string s)
let task_v2 t (c,m,rest) =
let task_v2 t (c,mold,rest) =
let c = ref c in
let m = ref m in
let m = ref mold in
let b = Buffer.create 8192 in
tdecl (CV2,c,m,b) t.Task.task_decl;
Buffer.add_string b (Digest.to_hex rest);
let s = Buffer.contents b in
Buffer.clear b;
(!c, !m, Digest.string s)
let mnew = match t.Task.task_decl.Theory.td_node with
| Theory.Decl d ->
let m = Ident.Mid.set_inter !m d.Decl.d_news in
Ident.Mid.set_union mold m
| _ -> !m in
(!c, mnew, Digest.string s)
let task_v2 = Trans.fold task_v2 (0, Ident.Mid.empty, Digest.string "")
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