Commit df5a2a31 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot
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[why3session] csv add options --gnuplot-x

parent 1958def8
......@@ -50,6 +50,18 @@ let select_gnuplot = function
| "gp" -> opt_gnuplot := GP::!opt_gnuplot
| _ -> assert false (** absurd: Arg already filtered bad cases *)
type gnuplot_x =
| Xtime
| Xgoals
let opt_gnuplot_x = ref Xtime
let select_gnuplot_x = function
| "time" -> opt_gnuplot_x := Xtime
| "goals" -> opt_gnuplot_x := Xgoals
| _ -> assert false (** absurd: Arg already filtered bad cases *)
let opt_data = ref false
let opt_by_time = ref false
......@@ -74,6 +86,9 @@ let spec =
("--gnuplot", Arg.Symbol (["pdf";"png";"svg";"qt";"gp"],select_gnuplot),
"Run gnuplot on the produced file (currently only with --valid_by_time)\
(gp write the gnuplot script used for generating the other case)")::
("--gnuplot-x", Arg.Symbol (["time";"goals"],select_gnuplot_x),
"Select the data used for the x axes time or number of goal proved \
(default time)")::
("--output-csv", Arg.Set opt_print_csv,
"print the csv, set byt default when --gnuplot is not set")::
......@@ -201,19 +216,30 @@ let print_provers_time (provers_time : float list Whyconf.Hprover.t) fmt =
print_line l
let create_gnuplot_by_time nb_provers fmt =
let timeaxe, goalsaxe =
match !opt_gnuplot_x with | Xtime -> "x","y" | Xgoals -> "y","x"
Format.pp_print_string fmt
set datafile separator \",\"\n\
set key autotitle columnhead\n\
set logscale x 10\n\
set object rectangle from screen 0,0 to screen 1,1 behind\n\
set xlabel \"time\"\n\
plot ";
set key rmargin width -4 samplen 2\n";
Format.fprintf fmt "set logscale %s 10\n" timeaxe;
Format.fprintf fmt "set %slabel \"time(s)\"\n" timeaxe;
Format.fprintf fmt "set %slabel \"number of solved goals\"\n\n" goalsaxe;
Format.pp_print_string fmt "plot \\\n";
for i=1 to nb_provers do
Format.fprintf fmt
"data_filename using ($1):($%i) with steps"
begin match !opt_gnuplot_x with
| Xtime ->
Format.fprintf fmt
"data_filename using ($1):($%i) with steps title columnhead(%i)"
(i+1) (i+1)
| Xgoals ->
Format.fprintf fmt
"data_filename using ($%i):($1) with fsteps title columnhead(%i)"
(i+1) (i+1)
if i <> nb_provers then Format.pp_print_string fmt ",\\\n";
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